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Honeymoon Travel Gift Registry

If you want to contribute to a travel gift registry click here.

Register for Your Honeymoon Travel

Regardless of the type of wedding you are planning, your age or your budget, your friends and family want to give you a wedding gift. They want to give you something you need and want. You know yourself how good it feels to give someone a gift they really like. Everyone likes to believe his or her gift is special and won’t be returned after the wedding. Registration, therefore, is a service for your family and friends as well as for you.

How does it work?

The bride and groom select their honeymoon destination and pay a small booking deposit (approximately 10%), then contact family, and friends and invited guests. We can provide you with Bridal Registry cards to send out. Anyone wishing to contribute may forward his or her cheques to be applied to your Bridal Registry.

What happens if we don’t get enough contributions to pay off the entire trip?

The final payment to clear any balance outstanding is the responsibility of the booking party.

How do we tell people so far in advance?

Usually the more advance notice you give the better your chances for more contributions to your bridal registry. In addition, you can make contributions yourself as funds permit.
Wedding invitations usually go out about 30-45 days prior to the wedding date. You can include a bridal registry card with your invitations should you choose.

How much is the deposit on the Honeymoon trips?

The deposit can vary depending on the property and destinations you book, on average you should expect to pay $200-$500 in Canadian funds.

What about contributions that comes in after we’ve paid the balance?

At, we keep your account active for one year after your wedding date. Any monies received can be left on account for future travel or you may receive a cash payment.

How do we sign up?

It’s simple, just complete one of our complete a booking form, let us know it's for a gift registry account, select your destination, pay the deposit required, and we do the rest.

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