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Capital: Weno
Population: 35,000
Current: 110V
Departure Fees: $15 USD
Language: English and Chuukese
Currency: Colon US dollar
Recompression Chamber: Yes

Truk Odyssey
Truk Aggressor II

Land Based Resorts
Truk Blue Lagoon Resort

General: Truk Lagoon is renowned as the Wreck Diving Capital of the world. Truk Lagoon, protected by winds, has kept WWII shipwrecks mostly intact, offering you some of the most historical and fantastic wreck diving you will ever experience.
Chuuk: Also known as Truk, but was changed to it’s original name in 1986 when the Compact of Free Association went into effect. The compact is a 15-year political relationship with the United States that started in October, 1986.
Chuuk state consists of seven major island groups lying within the Eastern Caroline Islands, about 617 miles (1028 km) southeast of Guam and 3,262 miles (5,436 km) southwest of Hawaii. The total landmass of Chuuk state, including the outer islands, is approximately 77 square miles (128 km)


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