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Capital: Roseau (pronounced "rose-oh")
Population: 71,000
Current: 220V/50Hz
Language: English, Creole
Departure Fees: $19 USD - $50EC
Currency: Eastern Caribbean dollar
Recompression Chamber: No – closest is in Martinique

Castaways Beach Resort

Dominica is an independent nation, the Commonwealth of Dominica and should not to be confused with the Dominican Republic. The incomparable and abundant natural beauties, above as well as below the surface will automatically embrace you. Dominica lies between Guadeloupe and Martinique, shooting almost straight up from the sea, the near 5000 foot mountain peaks are an awe-inspiring sight against the skyline. You can scuba dive in the mornings and hike or even go whale watching in the afternoon. Where else can you find all this . . .. Dominica!


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