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Population: 80,000
Current: 110V/60hz
Currency: Mexican Peso
Departure Fees: $18-20 USD – normally included in airline ticket
Language: Spanish (English is widely spoken)
Recompression Chamber: Yes

Fiesta Americana
Plaza Las Glorias
La Ceiba and Casa del Mar
Scuba Club Cozumel
Hotel Cozumel

Cozumel has long had a reputation as the premiere spot for serious divers, and with good reason. The transparent waters surrounding the island waters, providing visibility of up to 50 m, feature some of the most beautiful and delicate coral formations anywhere in the world, and the sea creatures that call those coral reefs home are some of the most fascinating and beautiful to be found anywhere.

The diving and snorkelling opportunities in Cozumel are the stuff of legend. Divers can spend hours exploring the undersea coral formations and exploring the remains of the great Spanish galleons that once made Cozumel their home.

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